Global Site Services Ltd is a site maintenance service which provides skip hire, plant & tool hire, site accommodation to the construction industry. The company was founded in October 1998 in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Through working with both customers and suppliers, Global Site Services Ltd, recognises it’s work has the potential to have an impact on the natural and built environment and, as such, the quality of life for those living within the locality of company activities.

In order to ensure that all company activities are managed in a way that will prevent, control or minimise any real or potential impacts on the environment, Global Site Services Ltdis committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of a documented Environmental Management System (EMS) for its offices at Anson Court in Burton on Trent.
Through the EMS and the conduct of its business, led by the Director, Global Site Services Ltdis committed to continually improving its environmental performance and will:

  • Maintain an ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System.
  • Prevent pollution wherever possible and practicable, by the use of non-polluting techniques and practices
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements
  • Set and review at least annually, environmental objectives and targets in order to ensure continual improvement of the EMS
  • Reduce environmental impact by focusing environmental objectives and targets on waste and energy reduction at Anson Court
  • Conserve and utilise resources in a sustainable manner, using recyclable and re-useable office products wherever possible.
  • Update and improve procedures in light of new knowledge and understanding.
  • Communicate the Global Site Services Ltd Environmental Policy to all persons working on behalf of the company, the public, partners, contractors, and suppliers.

This Policy shall be displayed in a prominent place in the workplace, will be made available whenever requested and be periodically reviewed by the Director or his representative(s). It is the responsibility of all employees to implement this policy together with their collective and individual responsibilities.

Managing Director
Global Site Services Ltd
Date: 2016